Tamm Service

Tamm service is a service provided by elm for information security through taqneen company, the main provider of Tamm service. The Tamm portal provides the transport and automobile sectors with easy electronic access to the information databases of the General Traffic Department so that facilities with large and medium fleets, major car showrooms, and daily and long-term rental companies can , Insurance and finance companies and other companies and institutions related to the transport and automobile sector to inquire about the data of the fleets of cars that they own or deal in buying and selling, and to update the information databases when passing the data of the cars they trade in and transfer their ownership once the sale deals are completed, renew their forms, and identify the leader. Actual, or authorized driving inside and outside the Kingdom, and enables car agencies to issue ownership licenses and car license plates immediately. It also contributes to a service that has been organized in the transport sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take it into a new era characterized by professionalism and efficiency, and preserves the time and effort of its workers as the procedures are concretely shortened to them by offering different subscription packages. A Tamm service, a Tamm system or a program that makes the subscriber know everything related to the vehicle fleet of trucks and small cars, such as renewing the form, transferring ownership, traffic licenses for cars, renewing the license, inquiring about traffic violations and other information, and the company is considered a major provider of this service before. Elm Company for Information Security, by subscribing by registering for the service, filling out the service subscription form, and then paying the service fee.

subscribe Tamm service

To subscribe in Tamm service contact 0553372993 or 920023235

The main user change form in Tamm

To benefit from tamm please print the form and confirm it from the Chamber of Commerce

Subscription tamm form for the establishments in the service

To benefit from tamm service please print the form and confirm it from the Chamber of Commerce.